2 Essential ways to make your marketing WAAAAY more memorable

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tips for making memorable marketingPsychologists agree that smell is the sense that is most closely linked to memory in humans. But since most advertising methods have limited potential for olfactory appeal, this information can’t quite be harnessed for the benefit of marketers. Zoologists have discovered that elephants have an incredible ability to remember events and faces. But since elephants aren’t a demographic that is commonly targeted by marketers, there’s not much we can do with this information, either.

Also, it’s kind of funny how we were able to link to that article on elephants twice in one month.

A common problem for many marketers, however, is this: How do I make my advertisements — or my brand in general — memorable? You know. For humans. Take a look at the following tips for making your marketing efforts approximately one bazillion times more memorable:

Adopt a unique voice. Or a unique style. Really, just be unique.

Think about the last time you attended a party. I know this was a whole yesterday ago, but try to remember. How many people attended that party? You probably can’t remember all of them, but only a select few, because your interactions with those few people made that party unique and fun. Why do you remember Kat? Because she showed you her creepy-yet-strangely-charming doll head collection. Why do you remember Andre? Because he told that joke about the two ducks. Why do you remember Dennis? Because he led the NBA in rebounding for seven consecutive seasons and brought his hilarious friend Kim. In all of these cases, something about the person you remember made him or her unique.

The point is that unless your brand is universally ubiquitous, your messaging needs to stand out from the crowd in order for your audience to remember you. There needs to be something unique about you, whether you’re funny, or charming, or incredibly charitable, or you once wrestled with “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan against “The Mailman” Karl Malone during a WCW pay-per-view event. Furthermore, your messages and your brand’s overall voice needs to have a distinct quality in order for your listeners to commit your name to memory. This distinction can even come in the form of a simple catchphrase or mascot. These marketing tactics help consumers create an association between your brand and a specific idea. In our humble professional opinion, it's not enough to have a good product. There needs to be a reason for people to want to listen to you.

Tap into your customers’ imaginations


Simonides of Ceos understood that the human brain is capable of remembering events in terms of spatial relationships. Content Marketing Institute made a connection between Simonides’ “memory palace” and your customers’ imaginations; prompting your customers to imagine scenarios in which your product solves a problem will help them remember your brand more effectively. Encourage your audience to envision the positive results they can experience by using your product or service. Will your product make their everyday experiences easier? Will your service allow your customers to communicate more effectively in the workplace? Will your goods help them win five NBA championships?

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