3 important habits of critical thinkers

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selecting paper for printingCritical thinkers have the ability to identify logical links, build rational arguments, identify and methodically solve problems, and to view situations from an objective, non-judgemental viewpoint.

Critical thinking is a skill that some people possess naturally, and others have to learn how to acquire through practice. Whatever your role is in your business’s marketing campaign, you’ll find that practicing critical thinking skills improves your productivity. Ultimately, this results in better marketing performance, leading to an increase in ROI.

Check out these three major critical thinking skills that you should learn to boost your ability to perform efficiently and deliver a quality product and service:

1. Be slow to judge

Critical thinkers stay patient in any situation and when dealing with any person. Whether an aspect of a project seems positive or negative at first, a critical thinker will practice patience before jumping to any conclusions.

Carefully assess any situation, listen clearly whenever another person speaks to you, take time to think of every angle when approaching a challenge or conflict. Failure to judge slowly can result in hasty assumptions that lead to making an incorrect decision in the project.

2. Remain objective

Critical thinkers are aware that their stance in a situation is unique and personal. In their efforts to think clearly and determine the best outcomes, they attempt to observe the situation from other points of view. This line of thinking goes beyond a basic understanding of another person’s perspective, but is a deep attempt at comprehending the other’s motivation, style of approach, and challenges they face.

This sort of thinking creates an awareness of multiple approaches to a task, and the ability to act and make a positive decision.

3. Don’t be right. Get it right.

Pride is often the biggest internal challenge a person faces with themselves. Pride tells you that you answer to no one, that you are correct, and that your needs trump the needs of others. Most people understand the detriment of extreme pride, but still slip up and allow their ego to rule in certain moments of decision making.

Critical thinkers table their egos and are readily willing to accept that they don’t have all the answers. They are quick to ask questions and listen carefully to the answer. They admit mistakes because they know it leads to growth. They listen to the advice and opinions of others because they know, even if it doesn’t seem like it on the surface level, everyone has valuable, constructive input.

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