3 things you should know about advanced variable data printing

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custom printingThere’s no denying it: Data variable printing is an incredibly advantageous technology, allowing for easy personalization and customization of materials. This advanced option is a great way to take your marketing strategy to the next level.

Considering making the switch to variable data printing? Here are three things you should know:

1. Great databases are crucial for great results

There are several components of data variable printing: databases, content, applications, and output devices. Databases contain all of the necessary information regarding the appearance of your materials, as well as customer information for customization. Therefore, before you get started, update your databases with all of the relevant information. If you will be using advanced variable data printing for direct mail marketing, make sure that all of your customers’ names and addresses have been updated.

2. Variable data printing is an excellent tool for direct mail applications

Variable data printing is essentially customizable digital printing, meaning that you can easily change the text and graphics on each piece of media without slowing down the printing process. That is because during the data variable printing process, the computer application will take content from your database and integrate it into a piece of media according to the specific rules that have been laid out. You can change the color of your direct mail materials based on demographic attributes, personalize each piece of media with a customer’s name, and much more.

3. It saves time and money

Advanced variable data printing is the key to more efficient marketing campaigns, saving you time and money by allowing easy personalization. In fact, revenues and profits from personalized marketing programs are on average 30 percent higher than with regular marketing programs.

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