3 tips for streamlining communications

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tips for more efficient communication“Streamline communications. Streamline everything.”

The term “streamlining” seems like one of those meaningless buzzwords floating around every office these days. And for the majority of offices who merely talk about streamlining operations or communications, it is. Basically, to streamline something means to make that something faster and more efficient, but how does this term apply to our communications? Isn’t talking to someone pretty straightforward?

No, but it should be. For all the times you’ve missed someone’s email, or didn’t see a memo, or forgot what Raphael from the design team told you about changing the header image to include the word "robust," here are a few tips you can use to help streamline your office communications:

Assign different functions to each communication channel

Hypothetical situation: you have a job. At said job, people will occasionally interact -- like, in person. “Oh, I sent you a message about Task,” says Tammy from Other Department. Now, it is your duty to figure out whether the message was sent to your email, your Google chat, your other email, your phone, your elaborate color-coordinated system of sticky notes, or via carrier feline. If you’re lucky, it will only take you four to six minutes to find the aforementioned message.

There are so many communication channels available to you. It’s easy to lose track of messages when you can’t remember where your important conversations are stored. Therefore, it is usually beneficial to grant each separate communication channel a separate purpose. For example, you might use your email specifically for work-related tasks while your Google chat is used just for scheduling meetings. An organized system of communications will help cut down on time wasted while searching for specific conversations.

Control your inbox

So many people receive dozens of daily emails like newsletters, sales promotions, or social media notifications. Curtailing these distracting and often unnecessary communications can make navigating your inbox much easier, and therefore, your communications will be simplified.

In order to unclutter your inbox, unsubscribe from any newsletters or periodical publications you don’t read. In fact, it’s generally a good idea to uncheck any box that automatically subscribes you to company emails when filling out an online form. Deactivate notifications from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or any other social media platforms you might use.

Ask for opinions in person

It’s hard to convey emotions over prose. If you’re seeking an honest professional opinion from a colleague, ask for a face-to-face meeting. This way, you can gauge emotional response from your coworker’s tone of voice and facial expressions. This practice is especially useful when talking to someone who might be too nice to flat out tell you your idea sucks.

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