6 things all marketers should know about integrated marketing campaigns

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facts to know about integrated marketing campaignsIntegrated marketing involves using marketing tactics across a range of traditional and nontraditional channels, including social media, digital advertising, email marketing, and print marketing. Effective integrated marketing campaigns will deploy messages across these different channels, using each channel to reinforce other channels and move prospects through the sales cycle. When well executed, integrated marketing campaigns can substantially boost revenue. According to Forrester Research, 60 percent of mature multichannel marketers saw increases of 10 percent or more in revenue as a result of integrated marketing programs, while 40 percent saw increases of 15 percent or more.

Here are six things every marketer should know about integrated marketing:

1. You don’t need to cultivate a presence on all possible channels

When it comes to choosing marketing channels, you need to choose strategically. That means doing comprehensive audience research to figure out which channels your target consumers are using. You will waste valuable time and money developing a presence on a channel your consumers simply aren’t interested in using. It is far more advantageous to take a more targeted approach.

2. You must develop a compelling, yet consistent esthetic

You need to develop a consistent, cohesive visual identity to ensure an effective integrated marketing campaign. That means a customer should be able to draw a clear visual connection between any print materials you may have sent in the mail, your Facebook account, and your website. How can you craft a compelling, yet consistent esthetic? The key is a common overarching design, common colors, fonts, style of photography and graphics, consistent logo treatment, etc.

3. Try developing content that can be repurposed across various channels

Versatile content that can be repurposed across multiple channels is the foundation of every great integrated marketing campaign. Use every piece of content -- whether it’s a video, infographic, or blog post -- to develop as many channels as possible in order to maximize visibility and exposure.

4. Consumers want brands to engage in integrated marketing

According to the E-tailing Group’s 4th Annual Consumer Insights Survey, three out of four consumers report that they want an integrated marketing approach.

5. Integrated marketing improves engagement

Content syndicated across multiple channels enjoys a 24 percent higher engagement rate. Increases in engagement are also associated with higher conversion rates and more sales, translating into more revenue for your company.

6. Social listening can improve your integrated marketing strategy

Social listening is a technique that involves monitoring and assessing what is being said about your brand on different social media and online channels. Social listening can help you better identify what type of content your audience wants from you, helping you build a more effective integrated marketing campaign.

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