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get better results with visual contentMarketers can shout their brand’s name out to the public all day long, but that won’t be too successful if the brand fails to engage the customer. Keeping your customers engaged with your company means keeping them interested and active in your products or services, and attracting new customers in the process. That statement alone leaves a marketer with many questions, mainly, “How do I keep my clients engaged?”

Engaging your customers isn’t solved by some quick-fix service, but it requires hard work and a thorough understanding of your target audience and current customers. It’s important to remain active on social media and to respond to questions and comments people leave you. If your business has a physical location, you and your staff will want to learn the ins and outs of excellent customer service.

Social interactions aren’t the only times you can engage with customers. Your direct mail, signage, website, and blogs all have one factor in common: visual content. How you leverage your visual content can spark engagement with your audience, even if you have never said a word to each other yet.

Keep the following tips in mind when developing visual content, whether online or in your direct mail:

1. Consider the impact of colors

Chances are, your brand already has a logo and a color scheme. You and your team may have even done research on the effects of the colors and have chosen what you feel best represents your brand. This same concept applies to your visual content. Whether it’s an infographic, a blog, an email, a poster, or a flyer, you need to consider the impact of your color choices on your audience. Don’t rely on colors only used in your brand’s; choose colors that match the message you’re trying to relay.

Common messages marketers try to convey with specific colors include:

  • Yellow — Optimistic and warm feeling
  • Orange — Confident, happy, and friendly
  • Red — Boldness and excitement
  • Purple — Creativity and wisdom
  • Blue — Strength, trustworthiness, and dependability
  • Green — Health, growth, and peace
  • Gray — Sense of balance and calm

How you blend these colors and which one is most dominant in your content can lead to higher engagement rates! Try A/B testing to see which combinations resonate strongest with your target audience.

2. Match the medium and the message

You and your team may have your hearts set on sending out a direct mail piece to engage your clients, well you better have the right content for it. The topic you choose to present in a mail piece may likely be a better topic for an online medium, such as an infographic.

For example, infographics can be interactive, so if you’re trying to educate your audience on a service, you can use an infographic to let them guide themselves through a lesson. A more condensable message, like an offer or a reminder, is more suitable for a direct mail piece.

3. Tell a tale with your visuals

Seasons and styles change. People's’ wants and needs change. So should your visuals. Tailor your visual content to current seasons and trends to better connect with your audience. They’re more likely to engage if your visuals are relevant.

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