How to ensure your emails will be read

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best email marketing practices to increase readabilityAccording to The Radicati Group, there are about 3.9 billion email accounts in existence worldwide. With such a tremendous quantity of messages being relayed electronically every day, there is a lot of competition for attention in any given user’s inbox. Being a victim of it’s own pervasiveness, the communication medium has become so popular that getting your audience to read your messages has become increasingly difficult. But with the right strategies and a little bit of flair, your email can stand out from the masses and get noticed by your audiences.

Take a look at the following tips to ensure your emails will be read:

Creative subject lines

Statistics show that only 20 to 40 percent of your emails will actually be opened. On the other hand, the vast majority of your subject lines will be noticed, so create clever, catchy, relevant, and informative subject lines to increase the proportion of your emails that are read. With several different approaches you can take with your subject line, you have the opportunity to speak about anything from self-interest subjects to urgent, time-sensitive exclusive offers.

Messages with multiple exclamation points and all capital letters are very unlikely to be read, since most users will immediately associate these attention-grabbing practices with obnoxious spam messages. Furthermore, these off-putting subject lines are likely to be blocked by spam filters, and a large chunk or your audience won’t even see your emails anyway.

Get personal

The recipients of your emails probably filled out a form on a landing page before their addresses could be added to your mailing list. In many cases, they have submitted their first and last names as well as their email addresses before receiving some type of content offer from your brand. Since you most likely have the data available, why not personalize your emails by addressing your recipients by name? Establish a personal connection with your leads by writing their names or usernames in the subject line of your email.

Design your emails to be read on mobile devices

According to a survey conducted by Litmus, approximately 48 percent of all emails are being read on mobile devices. Only 56 percent of B2C brands, however, are utilizing mobile-friendly email designs for their promotional offers. It’s important to understand that screen area is a key factor in the construction of phone- or tablet-ready emails. Therefore, emails should be concise and simple with a clear call to action.

Many people will reduce the brightness on their phone display to conserve battery, so it is recommended that your emails use contrasting colors. Dark text on a light background is much easier to read — especially outdoors where glare can make the screen less visible. It is also a good idea to use larger fonts. Size 14pt font for body text and size 22pt font for headings will increase the readability of your emails.

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