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wide-format printing improves sign qualityGo for a drive downtown. Walk through a mall. Go to your favorite restaurant. All of these settings are likely to have one thing in common: signs. Most of these locations make use of signs to attract consumers and passers-by. If you’re a business owner, you might be asking yourself, what goes into making good signage and how important are they for my business? Signs are an important investment because, according to a study by FedEx, 76 percent of shoppers state they entered a store they’ve never been to before because they were attracted by the signage.

If you’re in a high traffic area, you can beat out the competition by signalling your services and products with well-placed signs. And these displays should be large too. We’re not talking about 200 feet like a highway billboard, but larger than a standard printer can handle. The solution is to use wide-format printing.

What in the world is wide-format printing?

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one who’s asked this question. It’s not an everyday term, but it’s everyday value is priceless. A wide-format printer allows you to print high definition images from 64 inches wide up to 130 inches wide. Using a printer that’s designed to operate on these standards means you don’t need to print small positions of a single display and match them together to make a whole image. Also, smaller printers that try and print on that scale can’t match the resolution and image quality for a large display that a wide-format printer can.

What’s the big deal about a pretty sign?

We already said that new customers are more likely to enter a store because of signs, but consider how the quality of those signs plays a role too. Think, have you ever felt confident about entering some place you’ve never been in if their signage is poor? What about when you get inside, and the displays inside are poorly done? If your answer is no, you don’t feel confident in those places, then you’re like most consumers.

According to the same FedEx survey mentioned previously, 68 percent of consumers believe a sign represents the quality of products and services, and 52 percent say they won’t even enter the store if the displays are poor in quality or have errors. Investing in a high-quality printed display not only attracts customers, but boosts their confidence in your services!

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