Maintaining brand consistency across multiple platforms

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brand voice consistencyMaintaining a consistent brand identity used to be much simpler. It was especially simple back when advertising was nothing more than a London man wearing a sandwich board that read “Boots at twelve shillings a pair.” But today, businesses have to manage far more advertising channels than just a tall dude with a mustache who serves as a walking billboard.

Not only do companies have a physical presence, but an online presence as well. If both of these presences aren’t properly aligned (that is, if your online personality or branding differs from your physical personality or branding) your customers might become confused about the image or message your company is trying to convey. And that would be bad.

So how do I get my physical presence in synch with my online presence?

Deluxe derived a short list of questions you should ask yourself in order to synchronize your online and in-person messaging.

  • What is my overall personality and tone?
  • What would I say — or not say — to my clients?
  • What is the overall image of my business?

Of course, the answers to these questions should be the same for your online and physical branding. Consistency is important, people!

Stick to your style

Not only should your color scheme, logo, and slogans remain the same across all platforms, but your voice should should be consistent in your messaging and social media as well. It would be confusing to your audience if, for example, your social media profiles were lighthearted and humorous while your direct marketing items were sincere and strictly professional. Smaller firms are less likely to create a disconnect in their voices or styles across platforms since fewer people will be handling social accounts, marketing copy, etc. Therefore, it will be easier for these few people to communicate and agree on a single, unique voice.

But what if our organization has multiple offices? It’s hard to be consistent with so many voices!

The same questions from above can apply to much larger firms whose branding and social media (and other things) are handled by multiple experts at multiple locations. The problem, however, is that each marketer in this massive company might have a slightly different interpretation of that brand’s voice or style. In which case, constant communication is imperative. Make sure your sales representatives and marketers have easy access to corporate-approved collateral and materials. This consistency can be delivered through a web portal service (which just so happens to be a service MEDiAHEAD offers) that allows employees to find the right marketing materials regardless of their location.

Need help maintaining a consistent image and voice? We’re pretty good at stuff like that! MEDiAHEAD offers everything you need to fully communicate and measure the impact of your message over print, online, and other new media outlets. Contact MEDiAHEAD today for more information about developing a web portal for managing an overall more effective campaign!

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