Mastering cross-media marketing

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tips for cross-media marketingCross-media advertising basically refers to any marketing strategy that uses multiple types of media to promote a brand or company. For example, a direct mail campaign that encourages users to visit a specific promotional website using personalized URLs can be considered a cross-media marketing campaign. A videogame or movie can release part of its soundtrack early in order to promote the project as part of a cross-media campaign, also.

Keep your message consistent

You don’t get to call your marketing efforts a cross-media campaign simply because you use multiple forms of media. In other words, your messaging across channels has to be part of the same campaign, otherwise, you’re simply sending unrelated advertisements, which is called advertising.

In order for your cross-marketing campaigns to effectively deliver your message, your company needs to convey one clear, consistent message throughout each marketing channel. To accomplish this consistency, your campaign must have discernible, measurable goals.

Know your audience, and where to find them

After you determine who you want to reach, figure out where they spend their time. Cross-media campaigns will never be effective if you choose the wrong forms of media to cross.

To cross? You know what I mean.

Identify multiple channels where you can pinpoint your target audience. For example, the NBA has over 23 million Twitter followers (more than the NFL, and more than the NHL and MLB combined). It would absolutely make sense for the NBA to leverage this massive online following with complementary television and Twitter ads that resonated the same message among fans.

How about an example of something that wouldn’t make sense? Okay, since you asked, it absolutely wouldn’t make sense for Rolex, crafters of luxury wristwatches, to take out an advertisement in Sky Magazine and try to complement it with a snapchat campaign. The first part makes enough sense, but the main demographic for Snapchat is women around age 25, and they don’t buy too many Rolex watches.

Update your contact lists

If any part of your cross-marketing campaigns uses direct mail or email, it is essential to ensure your contact lists are up to date. Your message might be expertly crafted, and your offer might be absurdly valuable, but if your message never reaches the intended recipient, what’s the point?

Furthermore, your message should be relevant to your target audience, so make sure to properly segment each list you use.

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