Nurturing leads with direct mail marketing

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lead nurturing with direct mail marketingWhen marketers think of lead nurturing or drip campaigns, they usually think of automated emails spread out over the course of a few months. Lead nurturing, however, isn’t limited exclusively to email. Technically, any interaction a company has with a sales lead can be considered nurturing, as long as it helps to generate a positive rapport. Phone calls can be used in lead nurturing. You can even visit your leads in person, as long as you’re not creepy about it.

Oh and you can also contact them through direct mail. That’s one of our specialties!

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To summarize, lead nurturing is the process of strengthening a relationship with a customer throughout each level of the sales funnel and each stage of the buyer’s journey. Below, we’ve articulated on a few tactics for creating an effective direct mail lead nurturing strategy:

Use personalized URLs to track data

If your company’s sales increase immediately after you send a promotional direct mail message, you can usually take it as a sign that your marketing efforts were successful. Either that or it was just a crazy coincidence, but that’s pretty unlikely, and even still, you could always survey your customers to find out why they came to your store. They’ll probably tell you they got a letter in the mail, so they decided to stop by.

But you know what’s an even better way to measure the success of your direct marketing blasts? Personalized URLs. By creating a personalized URL (PURL) for each recipient of your direct marketing items, you can easily gauge feedback and interest in your promotional materials by checking how many (and which) PURLs were visited. You might want to segment your next direct mail send even further by contacting only those who visited your PURLs (or personalized QR codes, if that’s more your thing).

Follow up fast

Listen to this crazy statistic: Leads are 21 times more likely to enter your sales process if contacted within the first five minutes of conversion, as opposed to those contacted 30 minutes after. In other words, if a prospect becomes a lead, call or email them immediately. Don’t wait the “mandatory” two days like you would if you got somebody’s phone number at a bar.

Following up quickly can help you finely target your messages, since your tracking data shows your leads’ very recent browsing behavior. It sounds a lot like stalking, but it’s not. We promise. Unless you follow up on their browsing behavior every five minutes...

Target your content

The goals of lead nurturing may include keeping your leads engaged with your brand, but it’s not enough to send letters periodically just to say hi. You have to say stuff that’s like… actually relevant to their interests. This is definitely a skill that the guy I sat next to on the train lacked.

As we mentioned earlier, targeting leads based on their behavior (like when leads visit Personalized URLs you’ve sent them in the mail) can help your business generate more sales opportunities. In fact, leads nurtured with relevant, targeted content produce approximately 20 percent more sales opportunities. Segment your mailing lists based on behavior, buyer personas, or demographics, and alter your content to speak to those segments specifically.

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