Stay top of mind by appealing to the lower brain

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marketing to appeal to the lower brainWe can’t exactly explain why we love psychology in marketing so much. Maybe we could use psychology to determine the reasons for our limitless enthusiasm for the human brain. But there’s something about analyzing the way humans think that simply fascinates us. What makes us tick? Why do we behave the way we do? What is it about marketing and advertising that appeals to our emotions?

What’s truly bizarre is that there are proven, scientific, measurable ways to predict and model how humans think and act. We’re talking about humans — one of the most emotional, unpredictable, and sometimes downright illogical species on the planet. Nonetheless, there are ways to appeal to that unpredictable and sometimes downright illogical aspect of the human mind. Try targeting the lower brain with your advertising.

What’s so great about the lower brain?

The lower brain basically controls all of our subconscious functions. It regulates breathing, circulation, the nervous system, and bodily functions that just sort of happen without our active attention. This area of the brain focuses on your immediate surroundings, and is on a perpetual autopilot status. It also happens to control a great proportion of our impulses.

Ok, so what does this lower brain thing have to do with marketing?

Since the lower brain is associated with quick decisions and immediate emotional reactions, your marketing should be altered to cater to this one specific area of the human mind. The lower brain is the reason your direct marketing items only have about five seconds to establish a connection with your readers, so your pitch should start strong.

Establish an emotional connection by describing how your product or service can solve the recipient’s problems. Many marketers endorse the “two choice scenario” that describes how your customers can either be happy or miserable, and the outcome depends on whether they choose your product or service. Be sure to include the word “you” a few times, and build up to a positive feeling (again, this feeling can be evoked by describing specifically how your product will solve the reader’s problems). Use short, simple copy in conjunction with visuals that complement your message.

Does your direct mail campaign need a few tweaks to appeal to your readers’ lower brains?

MEDiAHEAD can advise you on your visuals, copy, and overall presentation to help your communications establish an immediate emotional connection. Contact MEDiAHEAD today for more information about creating a powerful, effective direct mail campaign!

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