Streamlining success: Growing revenue with an online portal

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growing business revenue with online marketing portalThe following is an excerpt from our new e-book, Streamlining Success: 5 ways an online portal can increase the efficiency of your business.

Growing Revenue

Increasing revenue is the number-one challenge for small businesses, according to a report from a survey of more than 1,000 small businesses conducted by Wasp Barcode. Approximately 48 percent of companies with 11-50 employees listed growing revenue as their largest pain point. With so many companies prioritizing revenue, the burden of responsibility is placed on the shoulders of the sales representatives. It would make sense, then, that in order to maximize revenue, the sales rep’s job should be made easier.

Much easier, in fact. As it turns out, a typical sales representative spends less than 20 percent of his or her time on customer-related activities. This doesn’t mean that your sales reps aren’t doing their job properly; there’s a mountain of necessary preparation that goes into making an informed sale. But with a little internal help, that mountain of preparation can easily be reduced to a small molehill. More than half of a typical salesperson’s day is spent performing some form of research or internal communication, according to HubSpot, a leading inbound marketing platform.

One solution for improving sales processes is to make approved marketing collateral available through an online portal that all sales reps can easily access at any time from any location. An efficient online portal enables sales reps to allocate less of their valuable time to requesting information or creating their own marketing collateral, and more time dedicating their efforts to increasing sales and revenue.

Imagine the following scenario: Disorganized Dale is a sales rep for a tri-state region. He has a lot of ground to cover and can’t afford to waste any time. He knows that every minute he spends on the phone requesting internal information or creating his own marketing collateral, he’s not calling on clients, which translates into hours of lost sales. Is there an easy solution to Dale’s problem?

Yes. By utilizing an online portal as his central hub, Dale can easily access approved marketing materials and even personalize them to meet his client’s needs — without the help of a graphic designer or additional corporate approval. By reducing his time spent completing trivial tasks, Dale can spend his work time doing what he was hired to do: sell. The online portal increases Dale’s productivity, leading to overall higher revenues.

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