Streamlining success: Increasing business productivity with an online portal

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increasing business productivity with your marketingThe following is an excerpt from our new e-book, Streamlining Success: 5 ways an online portal can increase the efficiency of your business.

Increasing productivity

Another essential component for growing company revenue and cutting costs is increasing employee productivity. Eighty-nine percent of workers admitted to wasting some amount of time during work hours, according to a 2014 study conducted by Often, employees will cite boredom, lack of incentives, or long hours as significant factors influencing their decisions to waste time. While the reasons for employee procrastination may vary, it’s irrefutable that workers wasting time costs companies money.US employers lose $1.1 billion per week to wasted work time. While unnecessary tasks — such as fixing others’ mistakes or attending useless meetings — account for a good deal of this wasted time, eliminating the redundancy of repetitive tasks can go a long way towards making employees more productive.

When employees are challenged by engaging, meaningful work, they tend to be more eager and productive at the office. On the other hand, when employees are faced with repetitive, menial tasks, they become discouraged and dissatisfied, and are more likely to goof off. A staggering 34 percent of employees claim to waste time on the job because they are simply not challenged by their daily tasks. Therefore, automating simple tasks such as documentation and collateral creation by implementing an online portal will free employees to focus on tasks that are more challenging and satisfying — not to mention productive.

Imagine the following scenario: Unproductive Uma is a designer for a small business. She spends half her day creating business cards, updating brochures, and taking other requests from sales reps. Although her company pays her to design, she has basically become a glorified order taker. She is becoming increasingly frustrated with her job, because she feels as if her talent and skills aren’t being properly employed. Meanwhile, her company is paying her a designer’s salary, but assigning her tasks that could easily be completed by someone else. Consequently, Uma has become very discouraged, and her productivity at work has decreased. Is there an easy solution to Uma’s problem?

Yes. Online portals allow users to quickly and easily access the latest version of a file and update collateral as necessary. By directing Unproductive Uma’s coworkers directly to the online portal, she can spend less time fielding incoming calls and more time designing.

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