Using psychology to help your direct mail campaigns

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direct marketing psychologyPsychology plays an important factor in any aspect of marketing, whether it’s a social media related stimulus that evokes a response, or a direct mail piece that appeals to a recipient’s emotions. With direct mail, however, marketers usually only have a few seconds to make a connection with the recipient before their marketing materials make a connection with a trash bin. Below, we’ve articulated on the psychology of direct marketing, and how to grab your reader’s attention in that short time window.

Define your customers’ pain points

Try to imagine the problems your customers face on a daily basis (or, instead of imagining, you might ask them). What hardships do they experience at home or in the workplace? What are their “pain points,” so to speak? More importantly, how can these problems be solved? Understanding the pain points of your customers will allow you to speak directly to their interests.

Appeal to emotions, then rationalize them

A surprising majority of people will make purchases based on emotion while justifying their decisions with what they perceive to be rational logic. Appeal to the feelings, needs, and emotions of your recipients with persuasive copy and attractive imagery. Whatever your offer might be, it is important to identify what will trigger an emotional reaction from your customers.

But a customer might not commit to a purchase based solely on emotions. In many cases, however, customers will try to justify their emotional needs with facts and reasoning -- no matter how logical or illogical that reasoning might be. Chances are, a customer doesn’t need a fedora that shoots lasers, but if they can rationalize their behavior in any way, they will make a purchase. Does this laser fedora cost significantly less than alternative products? Is this laser fedora made from exceptionally high-quality materials? Give your customers any reason to act on emotional impulse.

Make your customers’ job easy

Laziness is a quality that serves an actual physiological function. Our brains are coded to understand that energy is a valuable resource, and humans are innately programmed to conserve ATP as much as possible. Effort is something that we all subconsciously try to avoid, so it’s in your best interest to make your customers’ response process as easy as possible.

If you want your direct mail recipients to visit your website, make your URL short and easy to remember (and make it plainly visible in a prominent spot). If you want your recipients to call, give them a direct line to a real person. Remember to use clear, concise language in your calls to action that plainly directs your recipients on what action to take next.

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