Using variable data printing to improve your target marketing

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better marketing with variable dataTarget marketing involves market segmentation, or breaking an entire market into several different segments and then crafting unique marketing strategies tailored to each individual segment. When it comes to effective target marketing, personalization is key. Variable data printing, in which a company or business combines a print project file with personal customer information, can help your business identify and effectively target its customer base, improving response rates, engagement rates, and overall sales.

Variable data printing can increase the ROI of your print marketing campaigns by a staggering 270 percent, increase your sales by 81 percent, increase average order size by 25 percent, and increase repeat orders by 48 percent. Follow these four steps to improve the effectiveness of your target marketing:

  1. Personalization - Materials should be customized using customers’ personal information, including name, address, phone number, etc. In this case, the layout and graphics would likely remain the same between each piece of media, but consumers’ personalized information would be integrated into the template of each piece of media. Personalization is always based on previously collected customer data.

  1. Customization- This is not the same as personalization. Customization involves tailoring a piece of media to the wants and preferences of the customer. Examples of customization include changing color schemes and graphics for different market segments and customizing promotional offers based on the purchase history of a consumer.

  1. One-to-one marketing -As opposed to segmenting consumers into groups of customer personas or market segments, one-to-one marketing is all about treating each and every customer (or potential customer) as a unique individual. In a one-to-one marketing campaign, businesses send out marketing materials that are highly specific to individual consumers. As part of a customer relationship management strategy, one-to-one marketing is all about highly personalized interactions between businesses and consumers. One-to-one marketing will typically make use of personalization and customization.

  1. Variable information - Sometimes also known as version printing, this entails producing different versions of the same piece of marketing media with different information to more effectively target different market segments. For example, you might produce the same company brochure with the same graphics, text, and promotional offers but produce one version in Spanish for your Spanish-speaking market segment and one in English for your English-speaking market segment.

Ultimately, the different forms of variable data printing can greatly improve your company’s target marketing efforts, boosting response rates, improve consumer engagement, and drive sales. All of that translates into a better bottom line.

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