Variable printing vs. static printing: What you should know

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what to know about variable and static printingLet’s say your business is conducting a direct mail marketing campaign and wants to send out a promotional brochure to 10,000 different customers. In static printing, the same document would be printed 10,000 times and sent to the customers. Each version of the document would be exactly the same, regardless of what consumer persona or market segment it was being sent out to.

Variable data printing allows you to customize each one of those brochures

Essentially, variable data enables the mass customization of marketing media. For example, you might employ one-to-one variable data printing and send out 10,000 unique brochures to each customer, customizing the piece with text, images, graphics, and promotional offers that are tailored to each individual customer’s preferences and purchasing history.

Customers prefer variable data printing

Clients are more likely to respond to marketing materials produced as part of a variable data printing marketing campaign. A static, non-personalized piece of direct mail has an average response rate of around two percent. That means that for every 100 pieces of mail you send out to customers, you will receive about two responses. For a personalized piece of mail, that response rate is three times higher. Variable data printing also reduces average response times by 34 percent.

Variable data printing increases sales

Research shows that over three-quarters of consumers are likely to purchase from a company a second time if that company provides them with offers specifically targeted to their interests.

Variable data printing can boost your company’s overall revenue

Variable data printing works to boost response rates, increase sales, and generate higher-quality engagement between your brand and your customers. All of that translates into more revenue. Variable data printing can increase your company’s overall revenue by 31 percent.

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